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  • The Government of India has launched Hydrology Project (HP) with World Bank (IDA) credit assistance.
  • Implementation of the Hydrology Project I commenced from 22nd September, 1995 and the closing occurred on 31.03.2003.
  • Implementation of the Hydrology Project II commenced from 5th April, 2006 and the closing date of the agreement is expected at 31.05.2014.
  • The Project is presently being implemented in thirteen states and by eight other Central agency

Project Objectives and Benefits:


  • The main objective of the HP I was to improve the institutional and organisational arrangements, technical capabilities and physical facilities available for measurement, validation, collection, analysis, transfer and dissemination of hydrological, hydro-meteorological and water quality data for basic water resource evaluation within the concerned agencies at Central Government level andin the participating states.
  • Further, it was aimed to upgrade and expand the physical infrastructure through construction of observation site works and buildings, and provisions of measuring instrumentation and equipment and laboratory facilities.
  • In addition, it was planned to develop comprehensive, easily accessed and user friendly data bases covering all aspects of the hydrological cycle including surface water and groundwater in terms of quality and climatic measurements.
  • The other objective of Hydrology project I was to introduce standard procedures for data collection, processing, validation and management including the use of software for routine quality control and general water resources analysis.
  • The Hydrology Project I on completion generated substantial benefits by improving the water resources and climate data base of the participating state agencies, and making data easily available to legitimate users from computerised data banks.
  • The objective of Hydrology Project Phase II is to extend and promote the sustained and effective use of the Hydrological Information System (HIS) by all potential users concerned with water resources planning and management, both public and private, thereby contributing to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness of water-related investment in the participating states / agencies.
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