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Hydrology Project I

Project Objectives:

To improve institutional and organizational arrangement, technical capabilities and physical facilities available for measurement, validation, analysis, transfer and dissemination of Hydrological, Hydrometeorological and Water Quality data and basic water resources evaluation within the concerned agencies. The concept of the project is to assist the Central Government and the participating State Water resources agencies in the development of Valid, Comprehensive, Interactive, easily accessed and user friendly data base covering all important aspects of the Hydrological and Hydro-meteorological cycle and to strengthening of the capabilities of the institutions concerned. Provision of Data bases is regarded as a service to all legitimate entities involved in management and development of water resources.

Project Period:

Project agreements with International Development Association were been signed on 22.9.1995. The original project closing date was 31.3.2002. The closing date was been extended to 31.12.2003 by the IDA. Accordingly the project had closed on 31.12.2003.

Participating Agencies:

Nine States and Six Central level agencies are participating in the project.
States: 1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Chhatisgarh 3. Gujarat 4. Karnataka 5. Kerala 6. Madhya Pradesh 7. Maharashtra 8. Orissa 9. Tamil Nadu.
Central Agencies: 1. Central Water Commission (CWC) 2. Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) 3. Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS) 4. Indian Meteorological department (IMD) 5. National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) 6. Ministry of Water Resources-PCS.
In Gujarat, the project is implemented through the following agencies:
Surface Water Component: 1. Water Resources Investigation Division under WRIC-1, Ahmedabad. 2. Gujarat Engineering Research Institution, Vadodara. Ground Water Component: Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation, Gandhinagar
Training Coordinator: Water and Land Management Institute, Anand.
IRBP&M Study-Sabarmati: Central Designs Organization, Gandhinagar, in collaboration with CWC, New Delhi.

Project activities in Gujarat

Following activities have been carried under Surface Water and Ground Water components of the project Establishment / Up-gradation of Monitoring Networks.


  • 147 River Gauging Stations have been upgraded and made operational under them Hydrology project. Following equipment and material for hydrometry have been procured and installed/provided under the project.
  • 196 Meteorological stations have been upgraded under this project.
  • 666 Ground Water Monitoring Wells have been constructed under the project. 666 Digital water Level Recorders have been procured and installed on these wells and the wells have been made operational.
  • A network of 154 sites have been established for Water Quality Monitoring under Surface Water component of the project. Samples collected at these sites are analysed for various parameters at the laboratories established under the project.

Infrastructure facilities created:

  • A State Water Data Center comprising Ground Water Data Center and Surface Water Data Center has been constructed and made operational in Sector-8 at Gandhinagar.
  • 2 Sub divisional Office Buildings (Rajkot-1, Bhuj-1) and 20 Section office buildings at various locations have been constructed under the project.
  • 115 site-equipment-stores and 78 weather-station-stores have been constructed at various locations under this project.
  • 45 Field monitoring kits have been procured under the project.
  • 16 Portable Compressors have been procured.
  • 5 Level-II&II+ Laboratories (Rajkot-2, Bhavnagar-1, Gandhinagar-2) have been constructed, equipped and made operational under the project.
  • 20 Level-I laboratories at various locations have been constructed, equipped and made operational under the project.
  • 83 vehicles comprising of 59 Jeeps, 15 Pick up, 6 Cars, 2 Lorries, 1 Mini-bus have been procured under this project.
  • 69 numbers of Computer Packages of different categories have been procured so far under this project. They have been made operational at various data processing centers.The data lying in the form of voluminous paper record have been entered in the computers.
  • 2 numbers of Reservoir Sedimentation Packages have been procured and made operational.