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Hydrology Project II


The objective of Hydrology Project Phase II is 'to extend and promote the sustained and effective use of the Hydrological Information System (HIS) by all potential users concerned with water resources planning and management, both public and private, thereby contributing to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness of water-related investment in the participating states / agencies'. This is a multi state/agency project. Gujarat is one of the participating states.

Project Period:

Project Implementation Period  :  6 Years
Project Agreement Date  :  January 19, 2006
Project Effectiveness  :  April 5, 2006
Project Extended Upto Date :  :  May 31, 2014
Project Loan Closing Date  :  May 31, 2014


Participating States/ Central Agencies:


The participant states / agencies are as under:

Existing States: 1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Chhatisgarh 3. Gujarat 4. Karnataka 5. Kerala 6. Madhya Pradesh 7. Maharashtra 8. Orissa 9. Tamil Nadu.
Newly Added: 1. Goa 2. Himachal Pradesh 3. Punjab 4. Pondicherry.
Central Agencies: 1. CWC 2. CGWB 3. CWPRS 4. CPCB 5. IMD 6. NIH 7. MOWR 8. BBMB.

GOG Agencies concerned with the Implementation of the Project are,

  • State Water Data Center (SWDC)
  • Gujarat Engineering Research Institute(GERI)
  • Central Designs Organization (CDO-Hydro)
  • Water & Land Management Institute (WALMI)
  • Water Resources Investigation Circle 1 (WRIC 1)
  • Gujarat Water Resources Development Corporation(GWRDC)

Project Cost ( As per Project Implementation Plan)


Overall 13 states and 8 central agencies: Rs. 5255.974 Million (Base Cost)
      Rs. 6318.3 Million (With Contingencies)
Gujarat:      Base Cost      with Contigency
Gujarat Surface Water component: Rs. 94.386 M Rs. 115.4 M
Gujarat Ground Water component: Rs.104.406 M Rs. 126.9 M
  -------------------- --------------------
Total Gujarat: Rs.198.792 M Rs. 242.3 M
Revised Project Cost:  
Overall 13 states and 8 central agencies: Rs. 6159.834 Million (Base Cost)
Gujarat:      Base Cost
Gujarat Surface Water component: Rs. 78.291 Million.
Gujarat Ground Water component: Rs.176.322 Million.
Total Gujarat: Rs.254.613 Million